Faculty and Staff Directory

WFHS 2017-2018 Faculty and Courses

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Layla Dupuy - English II, English III AP

Jared Foreman - Business English, English II, English II Honors

Jennifer Jacob - Library, Psychology DE, Public Speaking DE

Alma Kent - English I, English I Honors

Sharon Ourso - English III, Technical Writing

Brittany Ricks - ACT Prep, English I, English I Honors, English IV

Megan Southall - English IV DE/AP, Library

Math Department

Jennifer Bickham - Advanced Math, Business Math, Statistics DE/AP
Katie Cahalan - Calculus DE/AP, Intro to Engineering Design

Dayne Denham - Algebra I, Math Essentials

Leneeta Ewing - Advanced Math DE, Financial Literacy, Math Essentials

Kimberly Key - Geometry, Geometry A

 Allie Morthland - Algebra II A, Geometry
Stacy Sullivan - ACT Prep, Algebra II, Pre Calculus DE Jessica Walker - Algebra I, Athletic Counselor

Science Department

Justin Davenport - Physical Science, Physics AP

Dennis Dyer - Environmental Science, Physical Science

Jonathan Simmons - Anatomy/Physiology, Biology I, Biology II DE/AP, Girls Athletic PE

Nick Smith - Chemistry, Chemistry Honors, Chemistry II DE/AP

Samantha Williams - Biology I, Biology I Honors​

Social Studies Department

Emily Branton - US History, World Geography

Joy Cashio - US History AP

Jonathan Henslee - Civics, AP Government and Politics 

Connor McCain - Law Studies, World History

Nicole Means - Human Geography AP, World Geography, World History DE

Matthew Paxton - CivicsUS History, US History AP

Martha Tyler​ - Civics, Computer Multimedia Productions, Digital Photography Digital Videography

Fine Arts/Foreign Language

Brandon Blaylock - Choir, Theatre

Eunice Matos Dieguez - Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III AP

William Johnson - Band, Fine ArtS

Melinda Sears - French I, French II

Lane Thompson - Art I, Art II, Talented Art



Amy Dreher - Culinary ArtsPro Start I & II

Ashley Marcelle-Doiron - BCA, Customer Service, IBCA

Lynn Ellison - Basic Career Readiness, Fantasy Literature, IBCA

Neil Lowery - Speech I, Speech II, Boys Athletic PE

Jason McCray - Agriculture I, II, III, Carpentry, Welding, Electrical

David McMillan - Athletic HealthComputer Architecture, Computer Science AP, Intro to JavaScript, Law Studies

Virginia Somers - Entrepreneurship, Publications 

Paul Theriot, PHD - Agriculture I, II, Electrical 

Shannon Thompson - CNA, First Responders, Medical Terminology

Martha Tyler​ - Civics, Computer Multimedia Productions, Digital Photography Digital Videography​

Health & PE


Gannon Achord - Boys Athletic PE, Boys PE I, Boys PE II/III, Weightlifting

Shelley Genre - Athletic Director, Girls Athletic PE

Rickey Grant - Girls Athletic PE, TOR

Rod Lemoine - Boys Athletic PE, Boys PE II/III, Health

Cary Myers - Boys Athletic PE, Boys PE I, Read 180

Robb Odom - Athletic Boys PE

Nicole Olinde - Adaptive PE, Girls Athletic PE, Girls Weightlifting, Support Teacher 12th

Celeste Thornhill - Girls Athletic PE, Girls PE I, Girls PE II/III, Girls Weightlifting




Tito Jones - NS III, IV

Lisa Poppen - NS I, II


Special Ed Department


Susan Cox - Support Teacher 11th

Wallace Ferguson - Boys Athletic PE, Support Teacher 12th

Laura Glaser - Intensive Services/Community-Based

Kailee Henslee - Read 180, Support Teacher 9th 

Nicole Olinde - Adaptive PE, Girls Athletic PE, Girls Weightlifting, Support Teacher 12th

Audrea Stuart - Support Teacher 10th