Athletic Counseling

NCAA Eligibility
2.3 or Take a Knee

     In order to enroll at an NCAA Division I school, student-athletes must meet a core-course progression.  Students who do not meet the core-course progression requirement will not be able to compete in the first year of enrollment at an NCAA Division I school.
     Student-athletes must meet the core-course progression (10/7) requirement.  In order to be eligible they must successfully complete 10 core classes before their seventh semester (senior year) of high school.  At least seven of the 10 core classes must be in English, mathematics, or science.  
Student-athletes must also meet the Division I sliding-scale index for competition.   They must have a minimum 2.300 GPA.
     If an athlete is signing up to take the ACT they need to send their scores to the NCAA by using the code 9999.